Banda de Pife Princesa do Agreste em Caruaru-PE

The “Banda de Pife”, Zabumba, Heats Women – among other names as they are known – were the most important musical development of the Northeast for a long time and lost their social function to other music, mainly from the rise of mass culture, but in small towns and villages they are still important to the community, both for the holding of religious music and for fun.
In some cases, the “Banda de Pife” take strong artistic values – the case of Princess Agreste. These groups are very varied according to locality, as in the Northeast are in all states. A band of Bahia is very different from one of “Banda Cabacal” of Ceara, and it is extremely important that people continue to exist, so that our cultural events continue. The registration and disclosure may be a way to support and help, if it is guaranteed that profits return to the people who produced it.

Biu’s Pife, experienced musician in the music of Caruaru and the Northeast, 50 years of career in 2008. He recorded in 1976 with Jackson do Pandeiro monitoring, and was for 20 years leading the Zabumba Cultural Caruaru where he recorded two LPs. Cradle brings this tradition: his father was already a player and builder pife in calves, his hometown in rural Pernambuco, around 107 km from Recife. As bright as Biu, Toinho, Jose Mauricio, Gerson, Vitorino and Ari are also excellent and experienced musicians. The dynamics and the interpretations are full of moments of great virtuosity. This is still the 1st CD of all it comes in seven years when it was founded by Biu. None of them live their music. We hope with this CD take a little of this wonderful culture and was especially Pife Brazilian Caruaru, birthplace of great artists not only Pife, but all the arts.
Esse vídeo foi feito durante a gravação do Cd da Banda de Pife Princesa do Agreste em Caruaru-PE em março de 2007

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  1. Olá, queria parabenizá-los pelo excelente site de divulgação na nossa valiosa Cultura Popular.
    Esses incríveis senhores sabem que a arte enobrece e faz a diferença nas nossas vidas e nas deles.
    Um abraço a todos,

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