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MM0014 – Terno de Congo 13 de Maio de Goiânia – GO (2008)

Several groups of Congado exist and resist in the state of Goiás since when Brazil was a colony. This is the first extensive record of this demonstration in Goiás and the 5th release of Mundo Melhor label on Congado Brasileiro, through these albums we can learn a little bit about this manifestation, which appeared for at least 350 years. It was the black slaves who praised through their Irmandade dos Homens Pretos (Black Men’s Brotherhood), Nosa Senhora do Rosário, São Benedito e Santa Efigênia, and today their descendants keep this tradition alive. The values ​​that these groups teach us in their practice of faith and praise are very important so that we can somehow build a better World, I believe that without a vision of collectivity, we will increasingly walk towards individualism and its fierce competition. The Congado is an anti big brother, where the next is not an enemy to win, but a brother to share and grow together. Here we will listen a unique way to make Congado, and the release of this album can help to keep this tradition from fading, because due to fast changes in the world today, many things are becoming extinct, and this record, besides being useful to us to know better this culture, is also for the group and Congado. It helps to grow self-esteem and identity of the congadeiros, and if the young people can understand the importance of this tradition and its role in its support, Congado will have more chances to continue, after all, the lack of interest of the young people is the biggest barrier for the traditional culture. In the logic of the world we live, anything is more interesting than following a tradition that demands great dedication. It is up to us, who have become aware of the importance of this tradition, help it in the most varied ways, both economically and respectfully, so that we can walk to a better World.