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MM0026 – Pancada Motor – Manifesto da Festa (2014)

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MM0026 – Pancada Motor – Manifesto da Festa (2014)

The 4th album of the musician, producer, DJ and researcher Alfredo Bello celebrates the multicultural universe of Brazilian traditions. Recorded in his wanderings around Brazil and the world, between 2003 and 2013, and mixed in London by one of the most important producers actually, Mad Professor, “Pancada Motor – Manifesto da Festa” brings twelve tracks that reflect the rhythmic force of Brazilian culture in dialogue with musicians from Brazil and around the world. From the side of Brazilian culture, the traditions from Alagoas: Baianá, Samba de Matuto and Caboclinha; alongside several musicians from Brazil and around the world. Among them, founder of the Asian Dub Foundation – Dr. Das, Turkey’s Baba Zula – Murat Erthel, Belgian gaithers – Steven de Bruyn, Paris guitarist – Stefane Goldman, Alan Bryden from Scotland, from São Paulo – singer Tulipa Ruiz, as well as members of the band that plays live with DJ Tudo e sua Gente de Todo Lugar: Estevan Sinkovitz, Mestre Nico, Gustavo Souza, Marcelo Monteiro, Amílcar Rodrigues and Odirlei Machado, besides other musicians.

Pancada Motor is the way some brincates of some traditions from Alagoas call their cultural doing. This album is a result of Alfredo Bello’s passion for these cultures, who reconnects with the anarcho punk, with the rave (jungle) scene of the early 1990s and with the spiritual world, because this is an album of dance, trance and dream.

Manifesto da Festa is a multicultural celebration, where Brazilian traditions are mixed all together with other songs and cultures of the world. In addition to Pancada Motor, there is the rhythm and melody of the Macumba of the Maracatu Rural Cruzeiro do Forte (PE), a unique tradition, as well as the Marcha de Rua da Marujada de Mogi das Cruzes (SP).

Connecting popular Brazilian cultures with musicians and international producers, Pancada Motor seeks to show the contemporaneity of Brazilian traditions for world music.