Selo Mundo Melhor

MM0033 – São Benedito mora no Sapezal

MM0033 – São Benedito mora no Sapezal

This documentary is the result of an experience with the community of Sapezal de Cunha (SP), formed by Afro-descendants and caipiras of the Vale do Paraíba with Mundo Melhor label and Casa de Caridade Pai João da Ronda (Recanto Quiguiriçá) in São Paulo.

Recordings of various cultural activities between 2006 and 2016, in the cities of Cunha (SP), São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Brasília (DF) with Moçambique de São Benedito do Marechal de Cunha (SP), “Embaixada de Carlos Mango e os doze pares de França”, “Folias de Reis and Divino, Jongo, Mutirão, Calango and others. In addition to the interviews with the community, anthropologists and researchers, we also find historical record material about the 1990s and 1940s, also present in the film.

These records have a unique value for the culture of São Paulo and Brazil, since they give an overview of the richness of the Paraíba Valley culture: The film is part of the research that Alfredo Bello from Selo Mundo Melhor has done all over Brazil since 2000.

Documentary “São Benedito mora no Sapezal” – Duration: 01 hour and 52 minutes
Realization: Community of Sapezal de Cunha-SP, Mundo Melhor label and Casa de Caridade João da Ronda de São Paulo
Directed by Alfredo Bello