MM0009 – Afoxé Oyá Alaxé (2008)

This is the Afoxé Oyá Alaxé album, a social, educational and cultural afro-religious entity from Recife (PE) and the 9th release of Mundo Melhor label. We believe that Afoxés, which are “Candomblés na Rua”, can help to undermine the prejudice towards the Afro-Brazilian religions, Candomblé, Umbanda, Xangô, Jurema and all the names that exist throughout the country and in Recife, the Candomblé de nação Nagô. For the group members living Afoxé is much more than thinking about cultural entertainment, it means the struggle of organized black people against racism and Afoxé is an affirmative action.

The Orixás Cult (Candomblé) is one of the oldest forms of communication with their gods and the sacred of our planet. The Afro-Brazilian religions are all based on the meaning that their gods – the Orixás – symbolise elements of nature and in this sense is extremely ecological, after all how one can foul a river that is one of the gods worshiped, as deforesting the forest that symbolises a god.

They are values ​​that cherish human beings and are at all times connecting with the sacred and nature, a rare thing nowadays, where we are increasingly living in unbridled materialism and forgetting spirituality. And especially today, where we observe a growth of the evangelical (neopentecostal) churches that preach the only truth, and if we look more closely we will see religion as a way how each people relate to the Sacred so we have many religions as we have many people.

The Afoxés remind us of the strength of the African people who were kidnapped from their land and taken as slave, have been able to recreate their traditions in Brazil under the worst situation that a human being can be placed – slavery – and today they fight against the prejudice that Brazilian society imposes on black people and their culture, people often practice this prejudice without noticing, unfortunately prejudice has become almost a rule due to the history of oppression in our country. Afro-Brazilian religions mean a way of black people’s struggle against this prejudice. We hope to be able to contribute to this struggle for enlightenment, valorization and reparation of the black people and their culture, so that we can each day move to a better World.