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MM0007 – Indios Pankararu do Real Parque (2007)

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MM0007 Índios Pankararu da Comunidade Real Parque (2007)

The Pankararu are found in the Pankararu and Entre Serras Indigenous Lands at Tacaratu, Petrolândia and Jatobá Municipalities, in Pernambuco semi-arid region, in the environs of São Francisco and Coronel Murta (MG), and also in several locations in the city of São Paulo and Greater São Paulo. In Pernambuco, they are distributed in sixteen villages with about 6.000 inhabitants; in São Paulo metropolitan area there are about 1.500 Pankararus at Real Parque slums, in the south side, and also in Madalena and Jardim Elba at the east side of the city.