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MM0006 – Projeto Cru (2006)

Brazilian music is well perceived and internationally recognised for its exquisite genres and musical spectrum: intuitive, free, unusual, decodified, cerebral, intentional, ritualistic, regionalist, eclectic, provocative, in moments of emergency music hosts free expression. Projeto Cru is the raw state of music in creative process manifested in a timbre diversity on drums, percussion, acoustic and electric bass, pickups, samplers, tin cans, pans turned into instrumental themes with high doses of Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and African rhythms. Simone Sou’s batucada showcase her search for new sounds through drums, Alfredo Bello delivers melodies and textures for bass, synths and samplers, Marcelo Monteiro blows his horns in such a diverse and rich fashion. Projeto Cru goes with no rules or boundaries.