MM0003 – Caroço de Dona Elza – Esses trabalhos difíceis do mundo (2005)

The city of Tutóia (MA) holds a 100 years legacy: the ritualistic tradition of Caroço, one of the precious cultural tradition expressions from Maranhão. The sound of drums, cabaças shaking, the continuous creation and creative verses and melodies of rare beauty. The dança de roda, where women sings and dance shaking their sinuous designed skirts. The beautiful things that happen and got more attention are established there, in the same moment, as a result of meetings and farewells, from body dialogues that came out of connections made that day. It’s like sewing several pieces of cloth to make a skirt. Every dancer represents a thread and needle connecting those pieces for a round and sinuous skirt as they dance and shake their skirts.