Maracatu Encanto da Alegria is the result of a committed teamwork, mixing senior musicians with new acquaintances, in regards of Maracatu Baque Virado. This Maracatu was founded in December, 10th 1998 but only hit the streets in 2001′ Carnaval. It would never hit the streets if it wasn’t for the persistence of a Recife’s North side “Mãe-de-Santo”, who day by day built this “nation” with their own efforts. She was known as Dona Ivanise, ordained at Patio do Terço in May, 13th 2003. She is Xangô and Iansã’s daughter which represents one foundation of her “nation”. Seo Toinho, whistle Director, is another. Together, they are a well succeeded union between present and past, sacred and profane.