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MM0016 – Garrafada – DJ Tudo (2008)

It has a little bit of everything and little has much. There is sand on the dust recorder that he picked up on the wanderings, on the land of the sound he passed. There is a dream in the needle, the disk spins, the music plays, the head rotates; the body assimilates the dance of the drum, the computer, the fife, the synthesizer. The songs of the world defile with the beat: the sacred is electrified to speak higher for life. Everything is mixed; music is medicine; music is food. Universidade de Brasilia, between walls, music was invaded, one by another, and one was already mixing it while listening. The DJ is the one who transits, and sees in the sound the back-and-forth of chegança and the departure. From the bands there, Os Cachorros das Cachorras do Planalto Central, to the bands of here of the Southeast, much thing left the place in the name of the events. Congados, Afoxés, Repentes, Drum drum, maraca and feet, meetings in the daily work of faith, which moves and recreates everything. In the Terreiro du Passo it is all a piece, each one, the space of the same slice. The Garrafada is prepared and shared, and DJ TUDO is a bit of life. – Simone Sou

A DJ album with explanatory text, talking a little about the history of each song, weird isn’t it? The difference lies in how I see the role of the DJ in the world. For me it should be a circulator of new information, even if it is old, not just a juke box, where we will hear the same songs. We will always need the new, the unknown. Broaden horizons, for the future and for the past. The DJ needs to do alchemy, mix, transgress the common, create the Dionysian space. Music can lead us to many places, to new sensations. The music heals. Here is a work done in several years in a way not thought for a CD, but together show unity, a way of thinking about music and dance. I hope you can have a great trip with the assorted elements of this Garrafada. – DJ TUDO