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MM0030 – Gaia Música vol. 1 – Norte da Índia – Indonésia – Mali (2015)

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MM0030 – GaiaMusica vol. 1 – Norte da Índia – Indonésia – Mali (2015)

I have been recording Brazilian oral traditional culture since 2001, collaborating with Brazilian oral tradition communities to register their music and rituals. Alongside, I have been working with world musicians since 2003, experiencing different musical approaches, rhythms and cultures. As a side effect, these cultural exchanges between Brazilian and world music showed an intense and broad rhythm and melodic connection which gave birth to 2 LPs in 2009.

The Brazilian culture bind me together with the world, so these cultural exchanges drives me towards an amplification and resignification of culture. To crossover and connect different rhythms and melodies, perform music from one culture adding rhythms of other, creates a cultural conversation being that the main purpose of my work. Art and music always shows the way to mankind to whom solidarity and respect must be the drive.

This record is #1 volume of a set dedicated to this matter: GAIA MUSIC, music for the Gaia (Gaia-Earth-Mother) people in celebration for life. It showcases the musical connection between Brazil, North of India, Indonesia and Mali.


“My cultural roots connects me with the world through the Earth”

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