MM0017 – Giro de Folias – Folia de Reis de Uberlândia – MG (2009)

Long live to Santos Reis, Long live the party, Long live the Company, Long live all the presents, Long live the Capitão. Collected disc of eight groups of Folias de Reis from Uberlândia (MG). In the city there are more than 30 groups of praise to Baby Jesus. This was a first collection. Hopefully others will come with other groups. On January 6th is celebrated in several countries of Catholic tradition, the day of Reis Magos. It is in the biblical passage about the birth of the Baby Jesus that we find references to them (Matthew, Chapter II, Verses 2-12). In Brazil, they were transformed into Santos Reis and inserted between the celebrations of the Christmas, Folia de Reis became one of the most solid expressions of Brazilian popular Catholicism.

Text by Márcio Bonesso