Selo Mundo Melhor

MM0012 – Banda de Congo de São Benedito do bairro São Cristovão de Ibiraçu – ES (2008)

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MM0012 – Banda de Congo de São Benedito do bairro de São Cristovão de Ibiraçu – ES (2008)

The Bandas de Congo do Espírito Santo are one of the types of the Brazilian Congregation – tradition inherited from the slaves – are celebrations in praise of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, São Benedito and Santa Efigênia. In each region of the country, the groups have their own characteristics. In Espírito Santo we find such as the instruments set of the group and especially the casaca, which only exists in Espírito Santo, the women and the Flags that carry. Its patron saint is São Benedito. The myth of creation, which appears through a boat and the way to treat the mast. All of these traits will give the importance of this tradition, which is found in several cities of the state. This album is part of a series about Congado Brasileiro of the Mundo Melhor label, so that we can gradually get to know this wealth of our country. The Congado is one of the oldest manifestations in Brazil, at least 350 years or more, and the one that most managed to resist and renew itself in the world today. It brings very important values ​​to try to come in a more just society, such as: solidarity, after all to have a party with plenty, where majority are poor and don’t have public subsidies, for their party that is public. They always bring the question of a collective experience, where the most we live today is unbridled individualism, the Congado is an anti Big Brother. They preach simplicity in a society that preaches consumerism. We hope with these albums to be collaborating so that we can know these traditions, respect them and somehow help them to continue. To learn these values ​​and move to a better World.

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