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MM0010 – Baianas de Coqueiro Seco – AL (2008)

The Baianas music is extremely seductive, see the collection Música do Brasil (Music from Brazil) that opens with them. Chico Science on his 1st album sampled the 1977 recording, already quoted on the record, in the song “A Cidade”. Since 1977 several reissues were made, however this is the first album dedicated to this Brincadeira. According to researchers, As Baianas come from a variation of Maracatu from the southern part of Pernambuco – already entering Alagoas – in the early 20th century, the beginning as a Clube de Carnaval and later on disguised as a Christmas play to avoid violent repression. Many brincantes have relations with these religions, even because the people who make the Brincadeira are Afro-Brazilian religion practitioners. As in Baianas de Maceió case: several were rehearsed by Pais-de-Santo after the great repression of the terreiros in Alagoas, culminating in the famous “Dia da Quebra” in 1912. The Baianas de Coqueiro Seco stood for 47 years between 1958 and 2005. Their return is due to Renata Mattar, researcher of these demonstrations in the city. Renata met Mister Dulce, who was the last teacher to be reminiscent of the Baianas. After the meeting, through the organization of Lucimar and the rehearsals of Mrs. Luzia, who played in the 50’s, they rehearsed. We hope that this beautiful Brincadeira can come back and stay, that this record can help to perpetuate for a lot more time – I hope that all who listen to it will be infected by this Brincadeira that are As Baianas – joy for a better World.