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MM0050 – 07 desejos

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MM0050 – 07 Desejos 

Alfredo Bello (DJ Tudo) devised a musical work where our “human desires” created a guiding line, a simple line. He joined with Filipe Nader, Simone Sou and Amilcar Rodrigues to make this free sound happen. To develop musical compositions starting from small melodies and rhythmic atmospheres is the sound path that represents each desire. Each theme is improvised from these possibilities.

07 Desejos touches this encounter and the desire to make a spontaneous instrumental sound, and was recorded during 3 presentations in São Paulo between November 2013 and February 2014. The collective creation is instantaneous act of the group, on stage, and a fundamental point of the proposal. In this project, the focus is the action and reaction between the musicians, and the creation that occurs when nothing (or very little) is combined and any direction is possible.

To listen, to speak, to silence, to believe, to insist, to detach and trust in the other are actions that reconcile in a fragile way, that fragility can become intense experiences once the balance is sought.