Mundo Melhor volume 1 (2018)

The label Mundo Melhor was born in 2004 with field recordings of Brazilian culture made by me and partners, according to the communities. This first compilation has 14 songs that show Brazil’s diversity, with traditions from the Northeast, Southeast and North regions of the country that reveal its indigenous, Africans, religious and playful elements. The compilation also has 3 songs of contemporary projects that dialogue with the traditions: DJ Tudo featuring legend singer José Tobias, Batucajé with Robertinho Silva and Projeto Cru of Simone Sou and Marcelo Monteiro. What unites all of them is the celebration of life. Welcome to a better world and good listening experience.

News Mundo Melhor

Selo Mundo Melhor was born in 2004, when Maracatu Rural Cruzeiro (“Clube Carnavalesco Misto”) and Maracatu Nação Encanto da Alegria (“Pequena Longa História”) albums were released. Label’s owner and leader, musician, music producer and researcher, Alfredo Bello has been recording the music of Brazilian oral tradition communities for more than 15 years. His research originated Brasil Passado Futuro Series. Besides Brazilian oral tradition music, Selo Mundo Melhor also got an experimental music series called Novas Estruturas which released Projeto Cru and Batucajé albums in 2006. Welcome! Here you find music, pictures, videos and posts about Brazil’s deep rooted cultural traditions. We hope you enjoy and help us spread our special findings.

Selo Mundo Melhor has a great collection of Brazilian traditions so everyone can acknowledge the traditions of the people, empowering the community by value, understanding their cultural heritage and roots in our society. In total, the collection has already 20 albums.